Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review: Essie's Lilacism

I had mentioned this nail polish before in my May favourites entry, but I thought it deserves a full review! I had got this colour in May originally and I was totally obsessed with it but I'm starting to get over my obsession ahaha. This colour applies so smoothly and has an awesome shine to it, one word of warning you really have to make sure that it dries completely otherwise once it gets messed up, it's almost impossible to fix. The colour actually makes me think of spring more than summer but it looks really nice with a little sun kissed skin. My nails were really short this week (as mentioned before) so this colour looked really nice on my nails even though they were so wrecked, you could not tell. I'm super impressed with this one, it stayed on for just about the whole week (only one chip! hooray!) and the only reason that I would change it is just because I got bored of the colour.
It took about 3 coats to get the colour that I wanted.
I would give this about 9/10 I was REALLY impressed with this one. :)


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