Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bright Eyes

One of the biggest trends that I have noticed lately is bright eyeshadow. I don't really feel like this is a new thing for me, I've always worn bright eyeshadows but I was so happy to see that they are now so widely available. I'm a big fan of teal colours along the bottom lash line (also used as a eyeliner) it's probably the easiest way to get into bright eyeshadows. I definitely recommend using MAC's eyeshadow in "Humid", I purchased it last year and I've gotten a lot of use out of it. Applying it wet ensures that it will last all day and makes the colour really pop.

I saw a lot of bright blue eyeshadows as a main colour on the eyes, but I'm not a fan! I have to say that when I see blue thats too bright, I'm reminded of Mimi from the Drew Carrey Show. Lol, totally not a look that you would want to sport! (Hopefully ;) ) For main colours I think that pinks and purples work best, it doesn't seem too "in your face" and looks really girly and feminine. It also reminds me of fairy tales almost, not too sure why, but whenever I look at certain purples I always think of unicorns and fairies!
One look that I'm dying to try is bright yellow eye makeup! I'm saving my pennies to get a yellow eyeshadow, as I threw mine out about six months ago (How silly!) Something like the image below;

I find a big part of what I like to do with my makeup, is be creative. As I had mentioned before with the unicorns and what not, I definitely have more fun when I think of a concept before I start applying, mind you that doesn't happen everyday! I do like to repeat certain looks, and for sure I will upload some pictures later on as this blog matures. :)

Let me know what do you like to draw from for inspiration or do you stick with a daily routine?


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