Friday, June 4, 2010

Nerds and Bikes

Being as nerdy as I am, I love my bike. Although it's super hard to find stuff that's comfortable to wear biking and still allows you beat the heat. I always wanted a pair of ripped up boyfriend jeans; they seem so comfortable. It's nice to wear loose pants when you're bike riding (leisurely). This loose tank top also does that same job of keeping you comfortable. The shirt says "You're my inspiration" which I thought was really cute. I picked the glasses because they are similar to ones that I own (yes the ones that I have are prescription) and they suited the outfit really well. Rings are the easiest piece of jewelry to wear, though I'm sure that some people will disagree with me. It's easy to add some glam with those rings plus they won't jiggle around when you're riding your bike. Detailed sandals are easy to wear definitely suitable for the bike too. The messenger bag is the best idea for traveling, the clutch that I chose is meant to go within the messenger bag, I liked how it matched the shape of the heart within the shirt. Anyways, a nerdy outfit to go with my nerdy love for my bike.

Product Information: Glasses;, Top;, Jeans;, Apple Ring;, Three-Finger Ring;, Heart Bag;, Messenger Bag;, Shoes;, Bike;

How much do you love your bike? :)


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