Sunday, June 6, 2010

May Favourites!

Sorry this one is a little late! For my May favourites, I have things that I wouldn't purchase on a monthly basis because they were gifts for my birthday! First I have my new watch, I got this at Nordstorm Rack while I was visiting in Texas and it was quite a steal at only $40! It's Betsey Johnson (one of my favourites) the thing you use to adjust the time is a little rose and the second hand is a heart. :) Super cute and awesome considering that my old watch just stopped.

This is a necklace that I got for my birthday from my Aunt, it has three charms on it one is a tree that says wisdom, another a cupcake that says celebrate and a dragonfly that says friendship. I love this necklace, I wear it practically everyday!

I purchased this nail polish way early in the month because I had wanted a lilac nail polish and originally had my heart set on "Do you lilac it?" by OPI, but the store was sold out and wasn't getting anymore in so I got Essie's "Lilacism" instead. I hadn't tried Essie before and I was slightly disappointed, I think it's meant to be a higher end polish but it came off really chalky and chipped quite often. I do like the colour, the quality to me just wasn't there.

This blush I had to search far and wide to get! This is MAC's blush ombre in "Ripe Peach", it was part of their Spring Forecast collection released in April (I believe). This blush had sold out in all the stores that were closest to me, so I got my mom to pick it up for me from the states. Definitely one of the best makeup purchases I've made to date, it's a really great colour plus you can always just use the orange half or the pink half or combine the two, you can get more than one colour out of this blush :). It was limited edition and I'm not sure if you can find it anymore, but any peach blush would get the same effect.

I also got a CHI flat iron for my birthday and I really love mine! I'm really happy with it, I feel like it's a little less damaging for my hair and it heats up super fast :). I have yet to master the curls with it though, that part is pretty tough.

What were your favourites from this month?


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