Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Celebrity Inspired: Whitney Port

First off for makeup, she's kept it super natural and simple. I did a thick top liquid eyeliner, attempting to mimic what she's done. Then I used a skin tone pigment called "jardin aires" by MAC. Using a loose brush I swept it all along my lid up to my brow. On the crease I used the smallest amount of brown (MAC pigment "Museum Bronze") blend that in with the skin tone colour. Finish off with black mascara, in the picture it doesn't look like she's wearing a lot of mascara but I can't imagine someone not wearing it (haha) so I kept in. For the face I used a lot of bronzer, just because I'm horribly untanned. Then just on the apples of your cheeks use a coral tone blush (I used MAC's ombre blush in "ripe peach"). Complete it with a netural/pink lipgloss. For the hair, (even though I didn't do that portion) I would just do loose curls with a large barrel curling iron only paying attention to the lower half of your hair. (probably about 2" if your hair is long, do down to about 1.5" if not.) Then just run your fingers through the curls and that should do it!
I totally realize that I look way more made up then she does, I just like wearing more makeup, I have horrible lighting/camera and I'm not a professional.

Product information: Watch;, Dress;, Clutch;, Bangles;, Shoes;, Eyeshadow;

For the outfit, I tried to get as close as possible! I chose this dress because it's a yellow detailed dress like hers, but I like the different neckline and the bubble shape (as opposed to hers which is just straight which is a hard shape to pull off, kudos to her!). I really like that she paired an ankle bootie (ish) with this dress, it looks so nice and sophosicated I found. I tried to stay within the same colour palette which is why I picked a grey shoe because it picks up on the grey tone that I don't have in the dress that I picked. Her clutch in the photo looks like its orange and silver, I couldn't find a clutch with that so I chose a sweet pink, which kinda lost its colour in the photo :(. Her watch (I assume it's a watch, right wrist) is a pink so I feel the clutch kinda makes up for that. The watch that I chose is Marc by Marc Jacobs (which is a total fantasy, I do realize) I love it so much! :) It's feminine, but plays up the whole 'boyfriend watch" which I've seen a lot of lately, I just adore this watch. Then the bangles are pretty basic again, just chosen to match up hers.

Hope you enjoy!


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