Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Purple Shimmery Eyes

I finally took a break from experimenting with my yellow eyeshadow! :) This is a really simple look, truth be told I was in a huge rush this morning trying to get to an exam and doctors appointment, it was quite chaotic! I started with a semi-thick black eyeliner against the top lash line. On the inner quarter I used MAC pigment in "Quietly" as well as in the corner of my eye (towards the nose). In the middle I used a hot pink MAC's "Trophy Pink". On the last third I used another MAC pigment in "Pinked Mauve" which a colour almost right in between hot pink and purple. After all that I blended all three colours together with "Quietly" on the brush blending to just below the brow. On the bottom liner, I used a light brown eyeliner (Bonnebell's "Smoky"). I carried a bit of the pigment down the on the lower inner third of the lash line. Then I completed the look with mascara (L'oreal's Voluminous in Black). I really like this look, it's super easy and can be done in a rush!

I hope you enjoyed this one!


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