Thursday, June 3, 2010

You know, I learned something today!

A very valuable lesson indeed! I've been struggling with my hair lately, trying so hard to grow it and not to get too many haircuts (to save money really). Anyways, many people that know me know that I have wavy/curly hair but I flat iron it everyday (so bad, I know.) lately with the crazy thunderstorms here my curls have been sprouting out the sides of my hair no matter what I do! So I've come up with a solution. Knowing that my hair is just going to be horrendous by the end of the day, I've just given in to let my hair go curly.

Once I towel dry my hair I put the smallest amount of mousse in it and it shake in my hair, not scrunching it! That way it doesn't get too curly and looks more wavy and relaxed. Sometimes from there I just let it go, but it sticks to my face because of all the humidity. From there, I just put a bun on the top of my head pulling back all bangs and fly aways. I love buns on the top of girl's heads, it looks so elegant. Also, a nerdy detail, I personally think it makes me look taller, which is always a bonus for me. :) I usually secure it with a headband just to make it look a little more polished.

Do you have any ideas of how I can battle the rain/humidity?


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