Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mission Complete! Yellow Eyes

Flower Inspired: Simple Yellow Eyes

After waiting so long to finally purchase a yellow eyeshadow, I got it! I brought all my empty containers back to MAC for their recycle program where you bring six empty containers back to the store and you get either a free mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick or gloss! So I chose the colour "goldenrod" and set out on my mission to wear yellow eyeshadow (I believe that I mentioned it in my first post called "bright eyes"). After I lined my eyes along the upper lash line (again with MAC's fluid line). I wet a liner brush and applied the yellow along my lower lash line right to the inner corner. Then on the outer 3/4 of the lid again I applied the yellow, but this time I applied it dry. You can see in the picture, the lower liner is a lot more intense then the lid, which was done intentionally because I wanted a contrast between the dark on the bottom and lighter on the top. The difference happens when you apply any shadow wet or dry, in general the colour will be more intense and stay on longer when you apply it wet. Then on the inner corners I used a colour called "creme soda" by Bare Essentials it's super light and an almost nude colour. I blended to the brow bone but I didn't blend the yellow on the lid because I still wanted it to be bright. :)

I absolutely love this look! Reminds me of marigolds and summer flowers! I hope you enjoyed this one :) More yellow inspired posts to come!


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