Friday, June 4, 2010

Florals and Blue Nail Polish

Product information: Dress;, Ring;, Clutch;, Necklace;, Shoes;, Nail Polish;

I love floral. Hahaha, I will admit it. While looking for the that perfect floral dress, I was thinking about where i would wear it and what not. I thought a wedding would be the best thing for it! A lot of my friends are going to weddings this summer (so jealous!) so I thought I would put a look together for it. :)

This dress is one that I have been looking for forever! I really want to get a strapless fitted floral dress, this is the closet one that I could find to my vision. Those green shoes! Just love them! I think that they may be a little too high for that short of a dress, but any dark green shoes would just be lovely for this. Just in case you were wondering, those shoes are Steve Madden (definitely one of my favourite brands). The necklace is really cute and spunky, a nice touch I thought. The nail polish is one that I have been wanting for so long now! I just love it! I still have yet to purchase it! It's "What's with the Cattitude" by OPI. It's part of the Shrek Forever After edition, (inspired by puss in boots I'm assuming.) It's such a sweet baby blue, definitely needs to be part of my collection. The ring also plays up on the blue colour I feel, putting all the blue hues together making it more subtle. You wouldn't really notice the blue until someone got a glimpse of your stunning hand :). The clutch is super cute and neutral, you could use this for anything really. I've seen a lot of woven bags lately, I'm really liking it, reminds me of a basket. :)
Let me the know, do you like this outfit? What are your feelings on floral? :)


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