Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Foundation Routine

I feel that I have a pretty different foundation routine then most just because I don't use liquid foundation. That's right, I'm a mineral powder foundation girl. I've seen/read so many reviews on foundations but not a ton of positive ones on mineral foundation so I'll tell you my story. (By the way, this was a requested topic from a friend!) I've had problem skin since I can remember (tragic, right?) it was only until recently that my skin started to clear due to a strict routine (which I will fully review later) the combination of liquid foundation never seemed to do it for me. I tried the "Bare Minerals" foundation starting up kit and it worked really well for me as well as clearing up my skin. I wasn't entirely happy with it though because once you ran out of the primer, the foundation wouldn't cover as well and that was super annoying. As a student I really don't have the extra twenty bucks laying around to dish out for primer, so I found another solution. After washing and moisturizing, I apply MAC's concealer select cover-up (in NW20) around the eyes, right from the lower lash line down to the top of my cheekbone and then on the lid. Then I cover up problem areas or any areas that are slightly discoloured, for me that's usually my T-zone and chin.
After that I apply Clinique's "Super balanced powder foundation SPF 15" all over my face and neck with a full coverage brush. Then after that I lightly put bronzer on my face paying special attention to the cheek bones. The bronzer that I'm really loving right now is Physician's Formula bamboo one, it's got a nice gold tint to it. Then I do blush along the cheekbones, I love bright orange and pink ones especially for summer, I think that it looks quite fresh. The one that I'm reaching for lately is MAC's blush ombre in "Ripe Peach" but it was special edition, so I don't think that you can find that one around anymore (my apologies!). After blending in the blush, I finish up with a finishing powder lightly dusting it all over my face. I usually use one that has a bit of glitter in it, but you can get lots that don't have a shimmer if that's what you prefer. From there I do my eye make-up and hair set for the day.
I do find that the mineral foundation does make a difference for my skin, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I don't think that I will ever go back to liquid foundation, but I suppose never say never!
Let me know what you think, was this review helpful at all? What are your thoughts on mineral makeup?


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