Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nail Polish Review: Sally Hansen's "Hi-Definition Nail Colour"

As promised here is the second review on the other polish that I bought another with the Sally Hansen's Calypso Blue bottle. :)

This is Sally Hansen's "Hi-Definition Nail Colour" in "Three D". This picture was taken about three days after I painted them, sorry about my goblin hand! Hahaha I don't know where my wrist went!
At first I really didn't like this colour, I wasn't so keen on the orange, but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and go for it. The application was not so great, it was really thin and it took about five coats to get the colour that I wanted. It took a long time to dry so I messed them up a bit in my impatience. :( After every coat I had to wait for it to dry to apply the next one, as you can imagine for five coats that took so long! After a couple days though, the colour really grew on me I started to like it a bit more. It came out with a pinkish tone to it, that you can't really see in the picture but it was really pretty. The tips of my nails also got a lot of wear out of them and started to chip really easily (arrgghh!) so that was annoying.
Overall I would give this nail polish 6.5/10, I think that I still have to get used to it so there may be another review for this nail polish the second time around!

What do you think?


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