Saturday, June 5, 2010

Coral/Bronze Eyes

I'm terrible, right now I don't have access to a proper digital camera, but I wanted to upload a look, so I have this terrible photo instead (my apologies). :)
Start off by lining the top lash line with liquid eyeliner, I like to put mine on thick but a thin liner will work too. I use MAC's Fluid Liner in Black track (it comes in a little pot). Then on the outer half of your eyelid use a copper-pink colour, I used "coppering" by MAC. This colour is super bright but don't worry, apply liberally. Then taking a looser brush blend a golden
beige loose powder starting with the inner half of your lid in to blend with the copper. The colour I used is "sunstone" by GOSH cosmetics. Once it's all blended in, carry the colour mid way to your brow so that it looks a little more natural. Line the lower lash line with a light brown, I used "smoky" eye definer by bonnebell, this liner was super cheap and works really well. Then complete the look with mascara on the top and bottom lashes. I used L'oreal's voluminous mascara in black, which again I
bought when it was on sale and it works really well considering I only paid five dollars for it.

Sorry again for the terrible picture!
Did you like this one?


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