Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle

I first heard about this product from a beauty you tuber that I watch all the time (allthatglitters21) and she said that it's the perfect conditioning treatment for your hair. I was intrigued, so while visiting my mom we went to ULTA and I bought the treatment for her for her birthday. Since she's my mom and she's lovely, she let me use it a couple of times. It really is amazing! That was this past summer.
So when winter rolled around and my hair started frizzing out of control, I was desperate for a deep conditioner. Finally I found the 3 minute miracle at my school's drug store and bought it immediately! I bought it for 4.99 and I've never seen it listed for more than that. But! I haven't been able to find it easily, it's not at shoppers and ULTA is not in Canada. This really is the perfect remedy to dried out winter hair, so when you find it, buy it!
How it works is when you're showering you work the product into the hair, I tend to focus on the ends because that's where it's driest. Then you can either wait 3 minutes, or just continue with the rest of your bathing; wash your face, etc. Then you rinse out the product first with warm water then with cold water to seal the moisture in the cuticles. You'll feel a difference as soon as you towel dry your hair. Awesome product, definitely one to purchase and repurchase.


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  1. AMEN, i got this a year or two ago and was OBSESSED, it made my unnecessarily large lion mane so soft! (and not to mention immensely easier to brush through... since it takes me a solid 8 minutes to brush through by hair because it naturally looks like Garth's in wayne's world)... but then I couldnt find it anywhere and still can't, so im THRILLED that we have it on campus!!! defs buying that asap.