Sunday, December 12, 2010

5 things to be Thankful for this Winter

After being snowed in for a number of days, there are definitely a few things that I have so happy to have!

1. Sorels
Now this is not the exact pair I own, but I'm sure you get the point. All throughout high school I struggled with boots, none were fashionable or kept your feet warm enough or kept the water out. Sorels do everything! My feet have never been cold or wet in these things! Now when I first got them I was skeptical about their look, but I love them so much and they've actually become super popular this year! I'm sure that these will be the new uggs, at least for those that deal with a real winter season.

2. Fuzzy Socks

Oh gosh, I live in these! I hate when your toes get so cold it feels like they just may fall off. These socks keep your feet so warm and cozy, definitely go buy five pairs if you haven't already.

3. Tea

Well this is a no-brainer, I'm obsessed with tea. But one thing that I don't like about summer is that you can never really enjoy a nice hot cup of tea, you'll just end up a hot mess afterwards. My marks and spencer's tea is running low and this a huge cause for alarm! It's a tea from the UK that is honestly the best tea ever, so delicious! I'm also loving earl grey with vanilla and MOJITO tea! Yes, its true your favourite summer cocktail is now in tea form. :) enjoy!

4. Fur trapper hats

Where I am, it's been snowing like crazy and now it's freezing rain. For those of us that straighten their hair, this is a clear issue. Fur Trapper hats keep your entire head dry and your hair straight! Lifesaver.

5. Parties

An excuse to wear those rich lovely colours and look amazing! Also another reason that gets my butt to the gym.


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  1. marks and spencers tea? hellooooooooo, i vote its time for a davids tea intervention with you. "dulce and banana" is my fav, and "forever nuts" is way too excellent, lets go!