Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Never Going to Stop!

First off I have some more photos of OPI's shattered polish with some different colours underneath.

This above photo is my favourite colour combo so far! I used OPI's Happy Anniversary underneath and then put black shatter on top (obviously!). If you want to know more please read my full review on Happy Anniversary here.
This combo I didn't really like! I used Zoya's Kristi polish underneath because my boyfriend was curious to see what red would look like with the shatter. But after wards we both agreed that it was a little too goth for my tastes so I only had it for a day!

On to the real point of this entry! When black shatter came out I thought that it was really neat that now there's technology that makes nail polish separate (yes, I think about that kind of stuff...) so I was wondering if now since this new polish is out, what are the next steps? Are the people at OPI going to release more shattered colours? And lone behold! My thoughts were answered.

OPI is to release a new collection (in May 2011) for Pirates of the Caribbean (4? I believe...the newest one that's coming out) and in this collection there is a METALLIC shatter!!! Which leads me to think that it wouldn't look much different than the Happy Anniversary/Black shatter combo pictured up top. The collection features a lot of cool colours and I'm pretty darn excited for this one! :) I'm starting to think that this shatter insanity is never going to stop! So if you didn't luck out on getting the black shatter, there is still hope!

I found this all out on this article at NYLON magazine's site.

Happy Valentines Day!


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