Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Picks for Best Dressed 2011

I picked my favourites based on my initial reactions to the dresses (and celebrities) and originality of the gown. I found it all too easy to just keep on looking at the dresses and liking them all but I got it narrowed down. (although the winner was hands down for me) I hope you like my picks!

5. Jennifer Hudson
When I saw her at first I was completely shocked! Not just because of the all the weight that she lost (which congratulations to her) but because she looks amazing! Actually drop dead gorgeous. It's such a rich bright colour and nothing could be a better pick for her. (Versace)

4. Natalie Portman
Okay I have to admit, I adore Natalie Portman. If I could have her eyebrows I'd be a happy girl (I know weird, but seriously they are perfect). Despite being super cute all the time I found that the way she dresses her pregnancy is really subtle, and I like that. All too often you see pregnant celebrities with the focus of their dress on their baby bellies but not Ms. Portman. Super elegant, love her, loved black swan and was SO happy she won! I thought it was sweet of her to wear the designer(s) that did the most of the costumes for Black Swan (Rodarte - Kate and Laura Mulleavy).

3. Mila Kunis
I loved her dress, I have to admit that I would never be daring enough to wear it myself but! it was quite sexy without being trashy. I love this colour on her as well, it was quite a lovely pick for her. The lace throughout the dress sets it apart from other ball gowns and creates dimension within the gown which really stood out to me. (Elie Saab)

2. Sandra Bullock
I loved her introduction for Best Actor and I really think that she could host the next Oscars. She looked amazing last night! I feel so inspired every time I see her on T.V. and I'm pretty that's all because of Miss Congeniality and what she's been through in the past year. The hair and makeup were flawless and she looked killer, a well deserved second. (Vera Wang)

1. Cate Blanchett
oh my goodness, this dress literally made me gasp when I was watching the oscars. I really don't think I've been more fascinated with a dress before, it is simply gorgeous. This is saying a lot too because Cate Blanchett used to scare me a bit because of Lord of the Rings. Benjamin Button did not help either which means really she's a great actress and I just can't get over her sometimes freakier roles. Either way! This dress is beautiful and Cate Blanchett looks gorgeous (no longer terrifying) and I can't stop staring at it. The architecture in this dress is amazing, the cut-out in the center and the shoulders are classy and well executed. The beading in the dress is so feminine and beautiful. This is definitely an original and something I feel I haven't seen before. Even my father yelled at everyone in our house to come look at this dress! (Givenchy)

Honorable Mentions:
Reese Witherspoon
Scarlett Johansson


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