Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: MAC's Prep and Prime Mascara

Time for some freaky photos, but they prove my point....
This is with the primer on (it looks like white mascara)
And these photos are with mascara layered over top (Maybelline's Falsies Mascara in "Black Drama")

I have never used prep mascara before this one so I was not really sure what to expect and I have to admit that I was totally freaked out with the white mascara look. I usually wait until the primer has dried and then apply my mascara afterward that way it doesn't mix all together. I did notice a difference between using a primer and not, it felt like it reached every eyelash which was good. What I don't like though is that once your lashes are clumped together in the primer they are stuck and it can end up looking really clumpy, so that's no good. Where it made the most difference is in my bottom lashes, it was incredible! They looked giant! I would recommend this product but it's not really necessary. It also makes you use less mascara over top which is nice and takes less time to apply your mascara.


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