Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review: OPI's Black Shatter

oh. my. goodness. :)

I tried SO hard to get this polish and by some genius stroke of luck I FINALLY got it!

This polish makes nail art super easy and it looks really nice :) I think that it would look better with a lighter colour underneath but I was so excited I just used the polish I had on already. (Nicole by OPI "Loyalty to Royalty") I saw this used with a bright pink underneath and I think that it looked a lot better.

How this polish works is you have a base coat (which is the blue that I used) and then paint a layer of this black shatter over top. Make sure that the base coat is dried COMPLETELY otherwise it will not work. At first the polish will look solid black but then as it dries it shifts apart creating the shatter effect. Let that dry, and you have beautiful nails!

Before purchasing this bottle I watched this video, it will show you the shatter effect better as well. If you just want to see the shatter effect go to 1:30.

Here's a clearer picture:

Prepare to see a lot of this colour as I will be using it a lot!


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