Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Reviews

First up is OPI's "Happy Anniversary!" This colour (I think) is meant to look like diamonds, the picture is a little deceiving that way because you can't really the dimension of the polish. But it's super sparkly while maintaining a smooth finish. I would recommend this colour to replace some of the Burlesque ones because it's smoother and it also doesn't chip as easily. The finish is really metallic and super pretty! A definite must buy!
Secondly, is OPI's "Russian Navy" my apologies for the blurry picture but I was trying to capture how blue this colour really is. The bottle makes it look like its almost black but I swear it's a bright navy once painted. I found that this colour is really nice neutral, it matches with a lot of stuff and I have a soft spot for navy.

Both of these colours are ones that I got for christmas, you can see the rest of them here.


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