Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lip Stains

As I had mentioned in my New Year's post, I want to be more creative with my lip makeup (if that's how you say it) This blog is a semi requested blog from The Parisien Pigeon who also has an awesome blog check out here. The way I started to experiment with lip colour is with lip stains! I have purchased two so far, I got one of the Covergirl lip stains in 440 which is the most red one and I got a dupe for Benetint (by Benefit). Lip stains are a good way to ease into lip colour but there are some faults.

Lip stains give really bright colour and it does last a long time. It also doesn't feel like anything on your lips aka the way that lipstick feels or gloss or anything. I found that the covergirl one really dried out my lips and the overall look was just not good. The other one that I have (that's called true beauty) is a little brush in a pot, (as I said before, it's made to copy Benetint) this one is really nice stain but it tastes funny! I only know this because it will leak into your mouth a little bit and it's not so pleasant. That being said though, I pair MAC Dazzleglass lip gloss in Baby Sparks over this, and it makes the nicest fushia lip colour. I LOVE IT! I didn't pair a gloss with the Covergirl one because I couldn't find a nice one to go over it but it's really cool that it looks like a marker.

If you're interested in lip stains, definitely try them! It's a neat product to try and it's super easy. I would recommend Benetint but I only have a cheaper copy of it and not the exact product (I got mine in Ireland and haven't seen it anywhere else :( sorry) so I'm not 100% on how good the product is.

I'm really excited to try Revlon's lip stains because they come with a lip balm to cancel out the drying effect! I also want to try Posie tint by Benefit which is the pinker verison of Benetint. Hopefully there will be more on these as I explore more into them!


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