Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to: Define your eyebrows

Before ^
After ^

Not a regularly discussed subject but I really think that this is important, it can really enhance your look or just change it up every once in a while if that's what you would rather. I once heard a saying (from a different beauty vlogger) that if your eyes are the picture, then your eyebrows are the frame.

Start off by using an eyelash brush just to brush out your brows. Now use some coloured pencil or powder that will darken your brows. I use an eyebrow pencil from MAC called impeccable brow pencil in "taupe" do just short strokes along your natural brow so where the hair is. Once you get better at it you can create an arch even though you may not have one. I suggest starting off realy lightly and then once you get more comfortable try to make them darker until you find a style that you like. Now you seal the look with brow gel, I use clear mascara which works just as well but there are coloured brow gels out there, I just haven't used it before. Apply it at the bottom of the brow closest to your face then wiggle the wand upwards, you don't need to use much. Brush it all along the rest of the brow with an eyelash and you should be set!

Try it out!


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