Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review: OPI's "What's with the Cattitude?"

I believe that I mentioned before how much I wanted this colour. I had been hearing reviews about it for months and months and I started obsessing over where I could find it. I tried every store that sold OPI, I tried to order it online (only to find stores that wouldn't ship to Canada) when finally my mom bought it for me and shipped to me. That's how much this obsession took over my life (ahaha). (sorry for the non-white background btw :( I'll get it back soon). This colour is actually part of the Shrek collection that OPI had launched earlier this year, which I suppose this one is meant to be inspired by Puss in Boots. OPI describes it as "a moody blue that's really a pussycat.", it's a little cheesy but I love the name, I love everything about this colour. This bottle applies pretty well and only takes about 2-3 coats. One thing that was a wee bit annoying was that it chipped pretty easily :( but that could be due to that fact that my nails were quite long this week and I wasn't taking great care of them (during my trip and what not) so I wouldn't necessarily blame that on the polish, more just on my carelessness. It did bubble a wee bit but not enough to get really annoyed over. I have to say that this is definitely one of my top favourites, I always love blue nail polish but I always find that the hue is a little off, this one was just perfect, love it love it love it. :)
100% a total 10/10


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