Friday, July 9, 2010

Basic Bronzer

As summer is coming on full blast I'm finding that blush is becoming less of a daily staple in my routine and bronzer is better. I used to use Bare Minerals "warmth" but it's super dark and doesn't have much dimension to it, so I switched over to Physician's Formula Bronzer in Bamboo Wear. I really like that one, it's nice and shimmery and isn't too dark but that brush that comes with it is bad, it sheds everywhere so be forewarned! Don't be too afraid to try a slightly darker shade than what you would go for because you can always apply it very softly, I find that light bronzers don't really do much.
Start off by applying the bronzer to the apples of your cheeks spreading up towards your temples. If you don't like that look and like more of a contour; go just below your apples and apply upwards. This part you want it just a hint darker then the rest of your application.
After that, sweep it across your forehead, down your nose, along your chin and the rest of your cheeks. This part of the application is lighter, it's mostly meant to blend the colour out and so your cheeks aren't so stark, I woudn't even put more bronzer on the brush after you've done your cheeks. One must is to make sure you blend your bronzer in your neck! This creates a more seamless look and doesn't make it so obvious that you're wearing bronzer.

If you don't like a shimmery bronzer I suggest using Benefit's Hoola Bronzer, I haven't actually tried that one out but I've heard that it's a really good matte bronzer.


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