Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Been far too long!

SORRY SORRY SORRY! Words cannot express how much I have missed this blog! But I have been so busy from getting back to normal from Ireland, to working everyday and being away every weekend I just haven't found anytime to write so I'm so sorry, I think that my writing will get back to normal once I head back to school which is in September so for now it's just going to odd times unfortunately.
Anyways a quick review!
When I was in Ireland I saw that they were giving away some Benefit eye pencils in magazines, and these magazines only cost 2 pounds! Now that's about 3 Canadian dollars which is still insane because these pencils are close to 30 dollars each. I got all three which include "eye bright", "bad gal black liner" and the "it stick". The first one that I'm going to review is the concealer stick called "It stick". At first I wasn't super keen on this as I'm in love with the concealer that I have. I tried it at first in combination with the concealer that I already own, and then I started using the It stick more then my liquid concealer. I think the perfect use for this is in your purse to touch up your foundation when need be, that's when it works best. When it's just on it's own I found it didn't make a world of difference but when in combination with other concealers it works wonders. Definitely get this if you can get a good deal on it, otherwise I wouldn't recommend it as a must-have

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