Sunday, November 21, 2010

End of Fall!

Yes, It's getting to the end of fall and I'm a little sad! I find so much inspiration in the fall, with the weather and the colours of the leaves, just everything around me! I do love winter as well, but fall has a lot more to offer, it's more rich and romantic.

I made this set because often times in the fall, I don't feel paricularly galmourous, so I wanted to change that! This outfit idea came to me because I'm dying for a white dress and I thought of how I would wear it, I absolutely love this outfit. Cranberry red and white are one of my favourite colour combinations. I love mixing up what's traditionally glamourous with a more rugged piece, like the dress which dainty, with a toque, I live for those pairings! I love the nail polish as well, I almost bought that one but found that it was simliar to OPI Ink (which I have), but now I'm thinking I may have to go purchase it so I can make this outfit on my own. Enjoy!

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