Monday, November 22, 2010


After seeing the new Harry Potter this weekend, I can hardly think of anything else! When the first one came out (philosopher's stone) I never really thought much of Emma Watson, I was pulled more towards Luna Lovegood as an inspirational character but after seeing Deathly Hallows, I have to change my mind. I am totally in love with Emma Watson, I love her look! I was reading in an interview with her that uses fashion as a rebellion because from playing Hermoine Grainger she was never allowed to looked glamorous, but now she can. The first move was definitely chopping off all her hair!

When reading through various fashion sites, I found this article about Emma Watson debuting a Burberry trench that was made just for her, least to say it's to die for. I absolutely love this shot and wanted to share it with all you so we can mutually drool over it. Enjoy!
On another note, I love her poppy! I'm assuming it's the British version, not too sure why they look different then the ones here but I love it none the less!


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  1. i actually love her so much. she has unbearably fantastic style. and yea, that's the british poppy, it was all over the x factor :P

    p.s. is that a GUITAR she's carrying? since when is she a musician?