Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hey Stud

I got studs for my nails! I had been looking for those for a very long time, it was a great find for my nail obsession. Besides the studs, I also used Sally Hansen's Smooth and Perfect nail polish in 08 Sorbet which I was curious about because I wanted to know about the smooth claim and what not (that's the peachy colour used in the design). At first I didn't like the nail polish because I don't like colours that look too nude and I wanted this one to be more pink. However once I was finished the design, how my nails felt was incredible. They feel like fake nails because they are so smooth (even with the stud on it) I'm thoroughly impressed with this polish because my nails chip and crack so easily this one really protects it. They have a lot of really nice pastel colours too which I'm currently dying over. At about 7 dollars they are worth picking up!
Colours used: "Fly" By OPI (Nicki Minaj Collection), "08 Sorbet" By Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect.

Also! I finally included an HD picture :) (it's the first one)