Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY: Giraffe Capped Shoes

You Will Need:
-Fabric Glue (preferably one that has a permanent bond)
-Fabric of your choosing (I chose giraffe print)
-A Marker
Start by measuring your fabric to your shoes, I wanted clean edges so I doubled up the fabric and put the fold on the top of the shoe. You can use the marker to see where to cut once it hits the bottom of the shoe.

Again you want to make sure that you have clean edges, so fold the fabric under around the edges of the shoe and glue down. That purpley-white stuff is the fabric glue.The toes was the hardest part so I suggest completing both sides FIRST, then folding the middle in so that you get nice clean edges... so!
Voila! An easy way to make your old shoes new! I was pretty generous with the amount of glue that I used that's why mine got a little messy but I used scrap fabric to clean up the edges. Depending on the glue that you use, you'll probably have to wait about 24 hours before you wear these puppies out!


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