Friday, January 27, 2012

Challenge Accepted!

I have a problem with straightening with my hair, it's almost impulse to just do it every morning. I have naturally curly/wavy hair but I rarely embrace it (meaning it drives me bananas.) However, I bought a curling iron on a boxing day sale and made a vow that I would curl my hair mostly because I had been watching the New Girl and Zooey Deschanel gives me major hair envy. After chatting with my friend I decided I would go a week without straightening my hair. That's right, one whole week and I did it! But in true forgetful fashion, I didn't take photos everyday! Including the day that I DID use my curling iron. :( I got bored just letting my hair dry so I ended up doing a sock bun which is awesome, especially if you have thin hair it creates the illusion that you have more hair! It's super easy but takes a few tries, here's the video.
I won't lie though, it was awesome to straighten my hair again :)


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