Tuesday, February 7, 2012


For the longest time I've been trying to figure out how to get rhinestones on my nails. Honestly, I tried researching it and looking at other nail blogs but to no avail. Finally I heard that the rhinestones being used are for jewelry design! Once you have the rhinestones all you do is put a layer of base coat on your nail (I used Witchcraft Nail Hardener), put the rhinestone on and then put top coat over (I used Essie's Good to Go). I honestly put the top coat on in giant blobs, it's better to be very generous with it. The first round that I did, I didn't lose a single one! The second time I did lose one but I was less liberal with the top coat that time. Definitely after this discovery I feel like my nails look a lot better :) Mystery Solved!

Nail Colours used: Essie's Chinchilly, OPI's Planks a lot.

I bought the rhinestones from Michaels for about seven dollars. Just make sure that the sizes you are buying can be used on your nail and aren't too big.


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