Monday, May 9, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen's Nail Art

Right before Easter I tried Sally Hansen's real nail polish strips because I was in the middle of moving and it was getting really annoying whenever my nails would chip so I figured that this was a good solution. How this works is you buy a pack and it comes with a buffer, a file, a cuticle stick and 16 nail stickers, however mine only came with 12. You prep each nail by buffing it and filing it down, the package also suggests making sure that your nails are super clean, so no leftover polish! Then you size the sticker to your nail (there's tons of sizes so one is bound to fit) and then peel off the back and put it on your nail. With the excess sticker you file it down to your nail. It's difficult to explain, but it's super simple to do! You can size down the sides too with the cuticle stick so there's none poking out the sides.

I chose the pattern "Girl Flower" but there are a ton of different patterns and Sally Hansen is introducing more later in the spring and summer season. One pack retails for about 10 dollars (CDN) so approximately one bottle of regular polish. It guarantees that the pattern will last 10 days, mine lasted about 14 because I put on a top coat every night after about the fifth day. I would definitely recommend this product just because it's fun change and its so easy. The only compliant that I have is if you're doing it on short nails, the process of putting them on will make them shorter, be weary of that!

If you want to check out the different patterns click here.


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